Repeat Prescriptions


Ordering Prescriptions Online


You will be allowed order your medication online until you reach your medication review date as shown on the repeat prescription slip. At this point you will need to have your medication reviewed by your doctor so please make an appointment. You may need a blood test before your review. If you are unsure, please telephone for advice.

  • Be careful about dosage of the drugs, check on your repeat prescription slip. Also note you will not be allowed to request drugs which are not on your repeat prescription.
  • You will be dispensed your usual quantity of drugs as shown on your repeat prescription.The standard amount of medication dispensed is for 2 months. Occasionally, your doctor may decide for safety reasons that only 1 month of medications are issued. Patients that have difficulty knowing how to take their tablets can discuss this with their pharmacist.
  • Please allow 2 full working days for all repeat prescriptions. It may take longer if they are being collected by chemists which do not offer a daily prescription collection.
  • Before you can use the online services you must register with the practice in person. Please click here for more information.

    NOTE: This service is for your convenience, however the information is not encrypted and so we cannot absolutely guarantee its security. Therefore if this is of particular concern you may wish to order your medication in the usual way.   Please read the Terms and Conditions.


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